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Iceberg Organic Ice Cream is India's first organic ice cream brand since 2013. We have 50+ physical stores and 60+ cloud stores across the country. Renowned for its exceptional taste and superior quality, Iceberg is rapidly expanding into a large retail chain.

We invite you to join our journey by owning a franchise of our natural and organic ice cream brand. As part of the Iceberg family, you'll benefit from our brand power and product quality, spreading happiness through every scoop.

We're looking for passionate franchisees who prioritize customer experience and are eager to learn about our business. With our support, you can bring the joy of Iceberg ice cream to new locations.


Icecream Rolls In India

Icecream Rolls In India

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Franchise Openings In India

Thinking about franchise openings in India? Well, we have detailed information regarding different kinds of franchise businesses available in India. India is growing at a very fast pace in terms of...


You considering the Iceberg ice cream franchising method for your business growth is very exciting. The process starts with the initial contract. Starting an Iceberg ice cream franchise company is an easy and inexpensive process compared to other franchise companies. Following that, it is required that you prepare a standard disclosure document for franchise operation, one should develop an idea or a complete document of systems that you will use to run your franchise successfully, and should formalize the marketing plans, one should have the access to prime retail property in that area. A meeting can be arranged to discuss this in detail. Post that, you have to submit personal and business details. With successful processing, MoU can be signed. The further process includes site selection, determining financial outlay, and signing the final contract. And a Successful franchisee has to have focus and attitude for his growth.

Icebergice cream Franchise opportunitiesare better than starting a business from scratch for an entrepreneur who wants to succeed in this competitive market. And Iceberg ice cream franchisor looks for a franchisee who will present the brand in the most positive light, who is willing to learn the system, and work within the specific parameters of the business. One should be able to operate to set the standards of the franchise, sell products, keep accurate records. And most commonly a franchisor looks for capital investment, franchisee personality, interacting skills, and experience so that franchisee may conflict with the way an Iceberg franchise system works.An enthusiastic, creative individual is a prerequisite to tackle up our franchise. Having experience in any food establishment will add up to the qualification.

Grooming and etiquette of the staff plays a major role in any establishment. To hand hold you in this venture, the franchiser can be very helpful.

  • Franchisor will support in setting up the store, advertising, and promotion
  • Plays major role in stock management and ordering techniques
  • Gives regular advice on administration and staff training
  • Gives utmost help in marketing, some minimal marketing will be done by franchisor itself
  • Gives support in selection and regional manager visits will be done accordingly

If you like to attract a lot of customers, then it might be a good idea to start looking for an Iceberg ice cream franchise. They already have established their company and people are aware of it. By becoming the Iceberg ice cream franchise, there will be less preparation when it comes to the food since everything will be sent to you. For choosing the ideal location, these points are to be considered: The location should have good foot traffic It should have good accessibility and ample car parking space. Proximity to other businesses and services Building infrastructure demographics of the area(like a lot of young crowd should come around eg: near a college). Currently our finest model of ice cream franchise is in Mumbai, Nellore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Bangalore.

Yes! We have an in-house digital marketing team to implement marketing for all the Ice Cream franchises of Iceberg. We execute social media marketing strategies for each and every store under Iceberg. Physical marketing plans will be executed in the local areas of the store.

Iceberg ice cream franchise is a type of business model which allows you to start up a business, allow you to grow, share our benefits, it is less risky when compared to other ice cream franchises, ours is thebest ice cream franchise in India.
Yes. We prefer that having a physical presence in the store will give you a maximum view of the opportunities and the challenges involved. The decision making is majorly influenced by the role you play as an owner of the franchise. By continuously maintaining the relationship with the Iceberg ice cream franchisor provides the privilege to do business and the company offers assistance in organizing, training the staff, merchandising as well as marketing and managing in monetary consideration. It is not that a franchisee pays in the beginning and to be silent, it is important for a franchisee to be involved in the franchise business for his success.

Opening an ice cream shop is a dream for many investors, the first step is to decide which type of ice cream parlor you want to open, proper market research should be done for choosing the location, list down the number of items you want to sell at your store. Based on the menu, decide what kitchen equipment you want to use, then no skilled labors are required and standard consistent recipes need to be followed to gain more consumers. To run a successful Ice cream entrepreneurship there are a few guidelines one needs to follow. Below mentioned are a few guidelines to become an Iceberg ice cream franchisor.Guidelines to become an Iceberg ice cream franchise includes:


Proper Marketing Research should be done before choosing the Location,
to open an ice cream parlor the parking Space is must, should be easily Accessible, location near businesses, markets, children’s clothing/toy stores and family restaurants, etc.

Store Size-

It requires a 400-500 sq ft Carpet Areas shop or a small food truck which has sufficient space for Installing a refrigerator and other types of cooling equipment for Ice cream storage at optimum temperature. In both cases the sitting Area requires more space than the stall.

Working staff-

For Iceberg Ice Cream Franchise, an ice cream parlor particularly, the number of employees required is very less as You need three people, which includes Cashier to take the order and bill a person to prepare and serve a specific Flavour of the ice cream and a cleaner who can maintain proper hygiene in the store.

In-store Experience-

The franchisor should also concentrate on establishing their own smart store. The Best way of enhancing customer engagement that has gained popularity is the concept of Digital signage.
Digital signage is a kind of digital mirror that attracts customers. These mirrors easily engage the customers in-store, and will surely capture the customer’s imagination. Implementing these modern-day technologies will help retailers provide a great customer experience to the shoppers and get your advertising through the pictures on social media.


Anybody can learn our Iceberg Ice Creams Recipe with Little training, so no skilled labor is required, depending upon the soft skills of the Employee salaries be decided.
Iceberg ice cream franchise is a type of business model which allows you to start up a business, allow you to grow, share benefits, it is less risky when compared to other ice cream franchises, Iceberg Ice Cream Franchise is one of the best ice cream franchises in India.

Yes, Iceberg Ice Cream Products are made with real milk ice cream as per the recommendations of Food safety and standard authority of India(FSSAI). Our franchise follows the recipe and process which include natural ingredients like cream, sugar, toppings, and real milk which contain higher milk fat content and low water content, it helps to impart smoother texture, it gives the best taste of drain mixes and common organic fruit pulps. Adulterants and synthetic colors would be dealt with strictly as per the food safety norms, Iceberg icecreams is trustworthy and genuine.

We are seeking Franchisees who are passionate, well determined, and a team player. We are looking forward and trying to multiply our Ice Cream Franchise in cities like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai.

Iceberg ice creams products are healthier as they use very conventional ingredients like sugar, nature like flavors, real natural milk, natural fruits for ice creams as well as for other frozen desserts. Iceberg ice creams other than ingredients include vitamins, minerals, primarily natural stabilizers (arrowroot, gelatin, starches), and natural emulsifiers like egg yolk and buttermilk are used to make smooth textured natural milk ice creams.Therefore Iceberg icecreams put up theBest tasting Icecream in India

Iceberg has a deeper profit margin than it looks from outside. We ensure an approx. 25% profit margin on overall sales revenue. We can have a detailed discussion about all the ways you can earn with Iceberg in our further follow-ups.

The ongoing royalty fee is 5% on net sales.