Icecream Rolls In India

Icecream Rolls In India

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Icecream Rolls In India

Icecream Rolls is a  new technology in Icecream Industry.  Originated in  Thailand. It is called Thai Sir fried Icecream... The ice cream rolls are made by pouring pure condensed milk on (-45°C) stainless steel pan. Metal spatulas are  used to scrape, churn and chop toppings into the base and spread evenly on the pan and then slowly rolled then into Thin Icecream Rolls


Icecream Rolls or Pan Rolls are not like frozen Icecreams which are premade, they are fresh and directly made in front of our eyes in less than 5 mins.

They became popular for their milky taste and fine texture when compared to regular Icecream which is premade and allowed to sit in the freezer for hours to set

Iceberg Icecreams houses Icecream Rolls and have an original recipe for their making. The milk puree used is fully pasteurized.

The fruit pulps are freshly made in the plant with the fresh seasonal fruits and stored with minimal stabilizers.

Sauces and extra toppings that go into the making of Pan rolls are procured daily by the franchise from the local markets with regularised standards


Iceberg has curated recipes of Icecream Rolls.

Chickoo/ Sapota Rolls




Many more recipes to taste when you visit the store.