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Franchise Openings In India

Thinking about franchise openings in India? Well, we have detailed information regarding different kinds of franchise businesses available in India.

India is growing at a very fast pace in terms of the economy. Parallel to that the franchise opening in India are increasing a way lot than ever.

Andrew Brooke said :

"The beauty of the franchise is that people buy a brand and a system With a franchise, you pay a fraction of what it would cost to do it on your own". 

Setting up a franchise business model is easy and effortless when compared to traditional business models, where you need to invest a lot of time and money in trial and error.

With the successful model in hand, A franchise business helps in setting and running a business of your choice with all the efforts already taken by someone else beforehand and only the smooth way has been shown for you to explore.

Reasons to choose a Franchise business model instead of a Traditional Business model:

  1. Be your own Boss
  2. Expertise knowledge
  3. Increased chances of success
  4. Tried and tested formula
  5. Marketing Support
  6. Proven Brand Name
  7. Training Support
  8. Store Management Support
  9. Easy to get Finance.

Different Types of Franchise models :

  • Company-owned and Company operated
  • Franchise owned and Company-operated
  • Franchise owned and Franchise operated

To know more about different models of business refer to this excellent article by Franchise India

Franchise openings in different segments:

The franchise can be taken from different sectors of businesses. We have covered some of the high demand franchise categories in India.

  1. Food and Beverages
  2. Automobiles
  3. Beauty and wellness
  4. Education and training
  5. Fashion
  6. Hospitality
  7. Retail.

As per the above picture, the main share of franchisees is grabbed by Food and beverages. It has a total stake of 24% which shows that one in every four franchises in the whole world is related to Food.

Food and Beverages franchises are very easy to replicate and run because of the highly organized manuals and recipe books. The stock will be provided by the franchisor and also the recipes and trained staff to take care of every need in day to day services.

The risk of developing a business and putting effort to make it successful is very less because everything will be already borne by the franchisor and innovative methods to overcome those problems has already been found and listed in your operations manual.

Food and Beverages Franchise Categories:

  1. Bakery
  2. Sweets
  3. Icecream
  4. Cafe
  5. Catering and Food ordering
  6. Quick Bites
  7. Restaurants.

Ice cream Franchise:

"Ice cream brings people together"

It is just so true. No one would have ever said no to ice cream. It is a very simple and delicious food which can bring your mood up.

"I love dessert. All kinds. But there's something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone".

- Rachael Nicholas


The total share of Icecreams is one-third of all dessert lovers in the whole world. So, people who think of their sweet tooth will Icecream as their first choice to dwell upon.


From the above bar graph, it is clearly stated that the youth population is about 45% which is the main category of people who are interested in Icecreams and desserts. With all the Icecream lovers flooded in this country. It is easy to get business form them.


Keeping that in mind, Lets us have a look at how our country India is growing in terms of Icecream business. Have a look at the infographic below. It shows India has the fastest growth in Icecream Industry compared to any other country with 12.7% growth every year.


(source from mintel)


It is wise to invest in Icecream Industry now to be ahead of everyone else who realizes the worth of this sector later.

Iceberg Icecream Franchise:


Iceberg is in the business from the year 2015 with 12 successful and happy franchisees in South India.

It has been started as a single store in Bangalore. We have been serving the localities with our delicacies. Thought of giving a franchise in 2016, Our first franchise opened in Goa, Porvorium. Within a year the franchises grew into 10 only in Goa.

We have Iceberg franchise in goa at 10 premium locations. All of those are highly profitable and got their  ROI in less than a year.