Iceberg ice creams to introduce thick shakes and freak shakes

Iceberg ice creams to introduce thick shakes and freak shakes

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This summer, Iceberg Ice Creams will launch Thick Shakes and Freak Shakes to overwhelm your taste buds.

Thick shakes are rich, more textured, super smooth and extra creamy version of regular milkshakes. But in many places in India, regular milkshakes are sold under the name of thick shakes. So we intend to bring you the authentic recipe for thick shakes. Our thick shakes are made with fresh soft ice cream and dozens of flavour combinations, which can be selected as per your taste buds. It is so thick that, usage of spoon is a requisite to enjoy the whole experience.

Thick shakes have about 3 times more ice cream than normal milkshakes. All the soft serve machines we are going to provide to our franchises are imported and of high standards, which undoubtedly delivers the best soft ice cream ever. The flavours are being curated specifically to go well with these shakes. It will be an experience rather than a thirst quencher.

Youngsters are crazy about the most happening, over the top and Instagram-worthy freak shakes. Everybody is attracted to the crazy use of ingredients and the overall freaky look of these shakes. These sensational shakes are served in mason jars with milkshake base, scoops of ice cream, topped with layers of cream, and piled on with extravagant toppings.

Iceberg is going to create maiden freak shakes which you can never find on Instagram. The ingredients include marshmallows, fluffy cakes, cookies, chocolates, popcorn, brownies, wafers, and much more than expected. To kick-start, we will be introducing 4 types of freak shakes.

Extensive research has been put into finding the origins and discovering the tiny details which go into the making of thick shakes and freak shakes. This season is going to be plentiful for Iceberg with these brand new launches.